Monday, February 4, 2008

A Wee Bit Ironic

The Van Gogh Museum online shop sent out their latest email newsletter today (I don't know why I subscribe, it's just endless temptation) with a Valentine's Day theme. "Surprise your beloved with a gift from the Van Gogh Museum shop!" It goes on to advertise placemats and prints with one of van Gogh's Paris scenes of courting couples, an expensive handbag, candles for "dinner by candlelight," and a vase "especially for red roses."

Talk about irony. Even the excellent though short book "Van Gogh and Love" (also advertised) is all about how Vincent's luck was downright bad when it came to love. Poor Vincent would be eating that dinner by candlelight by himself, and that vase of red roses would be only for painting.

Purchases from the VGM shop benefit museum acquisitions, though, so order up for your sweetheart. If you have one.

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