Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Sunflowers" in Romania

I am delighted to announce that "Sunflowers" will be translated into Romanian and published by the Humanitas publishing house, based in Bucharest. At right is the Humanitas logo (courtesy of Wikipedia). In looking up Humanitas online, I learned that the house was founded in 1990 by the philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu, after the Romanian Revolution. At first Humanitas focused on Romanian authors, in particular those whose works had been censored under the former Communist regime; now the house translates and publishes works from around the world.

I am proud that "Sunflowers" will be published by a firm with such an interesting history, created as a forum of freedom for writers.


Julianne Douglas said...

Congratulations on your first foreign rights sale!

José said...

These are good news, especially because it's one the five latin languages.

Kind regards,


Margaret said...

That's wonderful, Sheramy! Congratulations!