Thursday, April 23, 2009

Opening in Basel...

Opening Monday 27 April is "the most important European art event in 2009" (according to the website)...the exhibition "Vincent van Gogh Between Earth and Heaven: The Landscapes" at the Kunstmuseum Basel. Focusing on Vincent's approach to landscape through his artistic career, the exhibition brings together 70 (!!) of his paintings with 40 by his contemporaries. Among those pictures included in the show: the Saint-Remy Cypresses from the Metropolitan, one of the Saint-Remy olive groves (MoMA, so yes, the Olive Grove and the Starry Night are both in absentia from MoMA right now), some of the Arles harvest landscapes, and early landscapes from Vincent's time in Holland. It promises to be quite a show, and I for one am sorry to be missing it. The exhibition runs until 27 September.

For Americans who would like to purchase the catalogue but won't be making it to Basel, the English-language volume will be available via in September.

ps. If that exhibition logo isn't classic Swiss graphic design, I don't know what is!

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