Saturday, May 17, 2008

Indy Joins the AIA

On Friday, May 16th, the Archaeological Institute of America announced that Harrison Ford won election to the AIA's Governing Board of Trustees and accepted the position. Ford commented, "Knowledge is power, and understanding the past can only help us in dealing with the present and the future." The AIA chose Ford because of his commitment to archaeology and, of course, his portrayal of Indiana Jones on film. Let's face it, Indy may not always follow the AIA's Code of Ethics, but he's unmatched for inspiring popular interest in antiquities and archaeology. "Raiders of the Lost Ark," as I've said before, drove me right into the study of the ancient world.

I've been a proud AIA member since 1994, and here's what I want to know: Will Harrison Ford make appearances at the AIA's annual conference??!! *insert girlish squeal here*

Read more about Harrison Ford and the AIA here.

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