Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Auction Update

I can't watch the Christie's auction live because of my dinky dial-up connection (I know, I know), but I think the van Gogh failed to make its reserve and did not sell. The lot-listing is being updated regularly, and no "price realized" is posted for lot 26 (and they've now gone past it). At least a) it's not the only thing that did not sell -- Monet and Pissarro didn't sell either; and b) Christie's didn't have the publicity-blitz for this van Gogh that Sotheby's did for "Fields" back in the fall. Maybe there won't be a big media brouhaha about the van Gogh not selling this time, although it probably does say something about the economy. I do hope Vincent doesn't gain a bad rep as "auction-house poison."

One pities the unwanted puppy in the pet-store window. If I had the money, I'd give the painting a loving forever-home, tuck it in every night, and give it all the chew-toys it wanted.

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