Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 1st Bday to My Nephew!!

A year ago today, my precious nephew Anthony entered the world and filled my family's lives with sunshine! Happy Birthday to my little friend!

Nonfamilial blogreaders will think I'm making this up, but Anthony is quite the van Gogh fan. The Baby Einstein Baby van Gogh dvd I bought him when he was very small is still a favorite mellowing-out dvd, and his new favorite book is the Metropolitan Museum's "Vincent's Colors" children's book I got him for Christmas. He sits up straight and blurts out...something in his language...when we get to the Sunflowers page, and at the end, he whimpers to be read again. I read "Vincent's Colors" a record six times straight over the weekend.

I wish I could paint Anthony a picture for his birthday, but since I have the artistic talent of a bedpost, I attach here Vincent's beautiful "Almond Trees in Blossom," painted for HIS nephew, Vincent Willem, in February 1890, a few weeks after little Vincent's birth. Because le grand Vincent was in the asylum at Saint-Remy at the time, he did not meet le petit Vincent until May, but the baby was in his thoughts. As Anthony is often in mine!


Julianne Douglas said...


The Baby Einstein Van Gogh DVD was one of my son's favorites, too! He'll still pull it out to watch occasionally, even as he nears three. I'm thrilled, because artists run in our families on both sides. My mother-in-law showed her work in Paris and my teenaged daughter has produced amazing things for her AP Studio Art class (although she's decided she doesn't want to pursue art as a career). The toddler is already drawing stick figures with eyes and ears, flowers with petals, and birds with wings.

(Okay, sorry for the mommy boast! I got carried away. {sheepish grin})

Anyway, congratulations on your nephew's birthday! The next year will be even more fun than the past one.

Sheramy said...

Hi Julianne--
Thanks for the congrats! :-)

I wouldn't be surprised if Anthony turns out to be artsy -- my Mom used to paint/draw, and my sister has artsy leanings too. (I can't do nuttin'. That's why I'm an art historian!) He's already a solid booklover. At his party Sunday, my sister unwrapped some books for him from his Grandmommy (=my Mom) and when Anthony saw them, his face lit up and he said quite distinctly, "Book!" He looooves his books. [Auntie boast!]

I love being the Auntie, and I love that he/sister/brotherinlaw live fairly close by. I get to share all the fun!