Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Up for Auction

The art market must be trying to rebound, because a van Gogh painting is up for auction this week in New York. In November 2007, van Gogh's "Fields" (from the Auvers period) shockingly failed to sell at auction, leading the pundits to proclaim the art market in recession. Since then, the auction houses of the world have kept Vincent on the back burner aside from the occasional minor work.

Tomorrow night (3 November) Christie's is including one of Vincent's 1884 weaver paintings in the evening Modern & Impressionist art sale: this one (F162). The estimate stands at $400,000-600,000, which is fairly standard for one of the Dutch-era pictures. (The later Arles/Saint-Remy/Auvers canvases command much more.) This painting, along with the other weavers in the series, was made just after Vincent left Drenthe (before that he was in The Hague) and settled in Nuenen with his parents. Van Gogh was fascinated by the village weavers and their machinery, completing a whole series of paintings and drawings during his first months in Nuenen.

If the van Gogh doesn't sell, what will the pundits say? I'll be watching! Go here for the write-up in the Christie's online catalogue.

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Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick said...

I'm no expert, but $400,000-$600,000 sounds a bit low for a Van Gogh! (haha, that rhymes!)

Some people spend that much on their car, so I just would have thought that a painting by one of the world's most famous (postmortem, of course) artists would go for more like double that amount.

It's sad that the piece didn't sell back in November '07. Very, very sad. Now if only I had a spare 600K lying around somewhere...