Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Sunflowers" Available for Pre-Order!

How exciting -- "Sunflowers" has appeared for pre-order on Amazon. My Mom spotted it first: thanks, Mom! After some fighting with Blogger (it's being quite temperamental with me today), I have started a link-list to the left of places to find "Sunflowers" online.

Not much information is posted on Amazon yet aside from the release date (13 October) and the pagination (320 pages), but I'm sure it will be coming soon, including the cover design. I've seen the draft version of the cover, and I love it! I'll just say that a detail of the Munich version of "Sunflowers," painted in Arles in August 1888, anchors the initial design, and the font choices are very elegant. When the cover gets the final sign-off from all the necessary parties, I'll post it here.

ps. "Sunflowers" is available at too!

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Catherine Delors said...

That is a milestone, and Moms are the best to keep track of their daughters' achievements!

Congratulations, and I look forward to reading it (and seeing the cover in the meantime.)