Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Van Gogh in Brescia

The Museo di Santa Giulia in Brescia (northern Italy) will be hosting an exhibition of 85 drawings and 15 paintings from the Kroller-Muller Museum from 18 October through 25 January -- "Van Gogh, Disegni e Dipinti". The exhibition will be divided into five sections, covering the major periods in Vincent's artistic career, and represents one of the largest exhibits of van Gogh's drawings ever held in Italy. The paintings in the show are paired with preparatory sketches and drawings. Pictured here is a drawing of two women walking among cypresses from 1890, done in Saint-Remy at the asylum.

Legge italiano? Clicca qui.


Holly Tucker said...

Hi Sheramy. Can you tell us more about your book? Really looking forward to reading it. And also nice to see another academic reaching out through blogs. Will add your link to my site!


Sheramy said...

Hi Holly -- thanks for stopping by! If you click on the "sunflowers novel" tag, you will find some posts that concern the book and what it is about. I hope to be getting a website proper up and running in the next few months that will give more details.

Yes indeedy I too am a princess of the ivory tower. Don't know if any of my students come here to visit me, though. ;-)