Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To Us

Today is my birthday -- we won't say the number, but I will admit to being as old as Walt Disney World in Orlando. I share my day with some fabulous folks ... the luminous Ingrid Bergman, the incredible jazz musician Charlie Parker, and among artists, Jean-Baptiste-Dominique Ingres (pictured here in a self-portrait, age 24). There are a couple of other famous people who have birthdays today, but honestly, I don't want to advertise them. ;-)

Today is also notorious in history as being the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2005. Let's take a moment to honor those Gulf Coast residents who suffered as a result of the storm, and to pray for the safety of that region again, as Hurricane Gustav bears down this weekend.


Barb said...

Happy Birthday !

Julianne Douglas said...

Happy Birthday, Sheramy! I hope this is the year all your dreams come true.

Sheramy said...

Thank you, Barb & Julianne!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sheramy! Best wishes to you. Don't worry about those other birthdays you don't want to mention. Charlie Parker trumps them all :-)

Thinking of you and you safety during Gustav.


Sheramy said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Claudia! Truly Charlie Parker moonwalks, shall we say, around at least one other unmentioned person sharing my birthday. ;-)

Gustav's not our storm here in Tampa Bay, thank goodness. We're worrying about Louisiana and environs along with everyone else.

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday, Sheramy! Best wishes for a fabulous year!

Sheramy said...

Thanks, Margaret! :-)