Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Van Gogh at Night"

Looks like the next big van Gogh exhibition in the US will be "Van Gogh at Night," hosted by the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, Sept 21, 2008-Jan 4, 2009. The exhibition then moves to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Feb 13, 2009-June 7, 2009. The MOMA website at this point gives only a cursory description of the show and doesn't name any specific works. But if you visit the website of the Kroller-Muller Museum and consult their "Objects on loan" list, you discover at least some of the pieces they intend to lend, including "The Sower" (currently in Seoul for the big VvG retrospective, so visitors to Otterlo will be missing it for a while) and "Landscape with Wheatsheaves and Rising Moon." Notably absent from the Kroller-Muller's list is the famous "Cafe Terrace at Night" -- can it be that an entire exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh's night imagery will be missing this painting?? Surely later we'll see it added to the list...

This promises to be an exciting show, both visually and in a scholarly sense. I think I will have to make an overnight journey to NYC for this one, instead of just a rushed daytrip as I did for "Van Gogh and Expressionism"!

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Aritul said...

So why is "Starry Night" so famous?

I was hoping you could answer that. ツ